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Logos & SVG Images

While JPEG and PNG have been the staple logo formats for numerous businesses, the potential benefits of shifting to SVG are substantial. At WNY Media Service, we invite you to reconsider and explore what SVG can offer your brand.

SVG, which stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, has emerged as a preferred format for creating versatile icons, distinct logos, and vibrant graphics tailored for websites. One of the most notable benefits of SVG is its ability to resize seamlessly. Whether you’re enlarging or shrinking the graphic, the image quality remains impeccable, ensuring that your designs never appear pixelated or blurry, especially on high-resolution screens like those on smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, an added advantage is the widespread support SVGs enjoy — they are compatible and can be easily opened across a majority of today’s web browsers.



In today’s branding world, many companies have logos that look outdated or don’t scale well. They become blurry or distorted, especially on high-resolution screens like smartphones. That’s where WNY Media Service steps in with our Logo Recreation & Vectorization service.

Every business needs a clear, adaptable logo. It’s essential for everything from shirts to business cards and even large billboards. An unclear logo looks unprofessional and can send the wrong message.

At WNY Media Service, we harness the potential of vector graphics. We convert logos into web-friendly formats like SVG and reliable print formats like EPS. This ensures every logo looks its best, no matter the size. For an idea of our work, consider how we’ve turned fuzzy logos into sharp, clear images.

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SVG Animations: The Future of Graphics

Thinking of exploring SVG animations? That’s where WNY Media Service comes in. We know SVG inside out and can help make your graphics stand out.

Graphics have evolved, and SVG is leading the way. Unlike other formats that are either still or animated, SVG does both. It’s like having the best of both worlds: clear images and smooth animations.

Animating with SVG is not just about technology; it’s about creativity. It’s perfect for making logos come alive, drawing attention with animated illustrations, or making interactive user designs.

While animated SVG might not be ideal for every situation that requires animation, it excels for animated logo images, vector illustrations, user interface visuals, infographics, and icons. If these resonate with your needs, delve into the world of SVG animation and explore how WNY Media Service can assist you.

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