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Logo's/SVG Images


Probably your logo has always been a JPEG or PNG image since day 1. Why move to SVG?

SVG is an image format for vector graphics. It literally means Scalable Vector Graphics. SVG is used for creating icons, logos and other graphics for websites. An SVG Image can be stretched and compressed without losing the image quality and it doesn’t look blurred on devices with high pixel density. It is relevant for smartphones and tablets. In addition, these files can be opened by any browser.

We specialize in creating clean crisp SVG images and in most cases can recreate your logo to SVG format. Contact us for more information on your SVG image needs.

Logo re-creation

In many experiences we run into the situation where a customers logo is either so old or improperly designed. Their logo is so distorted and fuzzy, it is almost impossible to work with and does not size well for mobile (retina) devices.  So the customer  could really use a  Logo re-creation .  Many times this could be for printed items such as tee shirts, letterheads or business cards or for bigger prints such as posters and even billboards. The fact of the matter is that a company needs to have a properly formatted vector image – like an SVG for the web or – EPS (Encapsulated Post Script) file in order to print their logo at different sizes. Here is an example of such situation in which we have re-created this heavily distorted logo into a clean crisp SVG image!

A customer wanted these re-created in vector format for printing tee shirts and vinyl cutting.

SVG Animation

Unlike most other image formats, which allow you to have a still or moving image, SVG allows for either. You can create a still image or animation in SVG format, and it all works pretty much the same way. Animated SVG won’t necessarily be great in ALL situations where it’s necessary to animate a particular image, however if you are looking to have animate logo images, vector illustrations, user interface visuals, info-graphic content and icons, then you should definitely look deeper into the process of SVG animation and how WNY Media Service can help you.

SVG Stationary