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About: Roy Kueppers 

Master Machinist

I am a Magician and Master Machinist, and since 1992, I have combined my passion for magic with my skills as an artisan to design & manufacture precision magic props for Magicians around the world.
Along with my custom work, I now offer a select line of stock products, all of which I personally create. Many of my products are also tested and critiqued by a select group of other magicians I have found to be a source of inspiration and a good “second opinion” on my products. This ensures that you get the best possible end product available for spreading the joy of magic throughout the world. I invite you to peruse through my site here and see what I offer! Feel free to email or call with any questions you may have.


Featured Products

Ramsey Stack's

My Ramsay Stack and Cylinder sets are available in many different coin denominations. The coins in each set are soldered together and hollowed out to hold a cork, or other object. I even bore a recess into the bottom of the top coin to give more depth for the load. Each set includes a Leather cylinder, CSS (Cylinder Support Sleeve), Solid Coin Stack & 2 Corks. The CSS is a Kueppers innovation and is a tube that fits inside the cylinder during storage and travel to prevent it from collapsing. It is important that the cylinder remains round so it nests and denests from the stack with ease and without hanging up.

Hand-Crafted Wands

I make some unique and beautifully hand-crafted wands., and I've recently introduced a special "cups & balls" wand! (see below) I can make wands to preference by: -Shaft material -Tip material -Tip shape (rounded or flat) -Wood finish (satin or gloss) Two-piece wands are also available! (see below)

Brass Roth Coinbox Set

Unlike other coin boxes, this 3 piece set (Okito box, Boston box and lid) is hand-machined from choice of aluminum or brass. The lid of the aluminum set has been given a unique jeweled finish. This is definitely a giant step the design manufacture of coin boxes! These boxes are designed to last a lifetime and will never tarnish. Each set is available in U.S. or Canadian coin sizes, and I also accept custom requests for coin boxes in any other currency. I also take custom requests for Slot boxes, Small boxes and Plugs! (see below)

R.K Chinese Coin's NOW AVAILABLE


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Postal Address
Roy Kueppers/World Of Magic
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Woodstock, Ontario
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(519) 532-0016
Payment Options
 Preferred methods of payment are , personal check and money order. All prices are in US dollars.

Because of the “custom” nature of everything I do, if you’d prefer to speak with me before ordering, please feel free to contact me by email or by phone. This is the best way to be sure that all of your important questions are answered, and that you get exactly what you have in mind. Once we’ve confirmed what you’d like to purchase, I’ll be happy to give you the necessary PayPal info.