the story

Flock & Roll is the story of a band of young midwestern American birds trying to make their mark on the emo scene in the early 2010s. Tensions amongst the band will threaten its existence in the first season of this absurdist, stylized, and surprisingly mature look at found family and teamwork through the lens of a band of birds playing punk rock.

the band

The band was called “Fight or Flight” and it was made up of 5 birds, founder and drummer Whiplash Woodpecker, lead guitarist and frontman Rockin Robin, Vocalist Punk Penguin, Keyboardist Harmony Hummingbird, and Bassist Funky Falcon.

meet the band

Rockin Robin


Whiplash WoodPecker


Harmony Hummingbird


Punk Penguin


Funky Falcon



We are deeply passionate about seeing Fight or Flight hit the stage and we hope you are too! While our passion runs deep, making a show is costly. We hope you are able to help us make the dreams of our band members come to life. Click below for our GoFundMe. Every dollar helps.